Let me express a warm welcome to you to CRBoudoir! I’m Crystal!
I like puppies, cupcakes, and flare jeans.
I believe that mac and cheese can cure just about anything and that the best way to start the day is with pretty undies!
You can usually find me relaxing at home with my kiddos, attempting to read a book, hugging a warm cup of coffee.
I’d like to change the world someday by showing every women exactly how gorgeous she truly is and push her to reach her full potential.
I believe in a natural approach to photography, I want to capture you exactly as you are, naturally. I want to tell you right now that you are beautiful exactly as you are today! Not when you’re 10 lbs lighter, not when your babies are older and you’re getting sleep…. NOW, TODAY! You are beautiful!

Photography means so much more to me than just a picture, it’s an heirloom; a keepsake. Because of that I believe in prints and products.

I love seeing your art displayed beautifully in your home. It make me insanely happy, seriously, I LOVE it! There is NOTHING like a hand bound album to flip through on your wedding night, or your anniversary. In the future, flash drives and CD’s will eventually become obsolete, but a lovely archival print will never go out of style.



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