Before your shoot

As soon as your session in confirmed, contract signed, and deposit is made I will send you a welcome email and a questionnaire with information on how to prepare for your shoot and what to expect.

I will also recommend that you start doing your homework on what kind of shoot you would like to have. Create a Pinterest board with inspiration for yourself, Pin images and looks that you love! If your session is a secret make sure to make the board private. You can share the board with me as well, so I can get a better idea of the look and feeling you’re aiming for.

All about you!

Your questionnaire is going to help me get a better understanding of who you are and what you like! I’ll ask about your favorite body parts and what your favorite kind of music is. This helps both of us in a couple of ways, I can gear the shoot more towards our style, and when we finally meet in person it won’t feel so much like we’re strangers! I will help you with any wardrobe and beauty questions and provide you with great places to shop for outfits! I am happy to answer any and all questions you have beforehand, lay it on me! When you come in for your session we’ll chat again before we get started to address any last minute questions you may have and to relax before the fun starts!


Being nervous before your shoot is completely normal! It can be hard getting down to your skivvies in front of someone just barely know or just met! I promise that after just a few minutes you’ll feel at ease, comfortable even, and you’ll totally forget about being nervous! Boudoir sessions are so much fun and we will be laughing it up! Please don’t worry about posing or not know what to do with your hands or facial expression. I will guide you through each and every pose we do!

During your shoot

I’ll have music playing for use to jam to and we’ll chat between the frames. I promise it’s just like hanging out with a friend. You do not need to know how to model! Just about all the women who do boudoir sessions are just like you! They are wives and moms, hard-working and normal people with the same nerves and worries that you have. I will be there every step of the way through the session to help you look and feel your BEST! If you would like, at the end we can do a “white sheet” series. These photos are implied nudes with you and a white sheet. It may sound scary at first but they have been some of the favorite photos of the session in the past! They are sexy and still very tasteful.

After your shoot

When our time is up we will take about and hour long break. You can got get a snack or a drink or just hang out and relax. I’m willing to bet that you’ll probably be pretty hungry following the session though! During that time I will edit your photos. This editing is mostly cropping and light and color corrections of the final 40 images I will create your gallery with. We will join back up that same day after the hour break and go through your gallery! YES you get to view your images THAT DAY! I will run a slideshow of your gallery first and then we will go through them more individually so you can narrow down your favorites! When you choose your favorites, we will wrap up your order and pay for it and it will arrive to you in no longer than 2 weeks. Yes, TWO weeks you will have your finished photos in hand, how awesome is that!?

Collections start at just $318!

To view my pricing ahead of time you can click HERE. Your session is completely private and I will not share any images that you do not consent to ahead of time!